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5 unique things to do in Goa


Yash Bhatia

01 Sep

As a Travelogist, I don’t want to just travel to serene destinations – I want to fall off the grid, into a world unexplored.

Goa is known for its nightlife and upbeat beaches, and understandably so. Yet most of us fail to explore the unique sights that it has to offer during the day; it has so much more to offer to an adventurous traveler.

Goa is known for its nightlife and upbeat beaches, and understandably so. Yet most of

It’s location in the Western Ghats gives the state a wondrous topography. Thrill seekers might find the generic waterfront activities redundant, but if you want to do something really over the edge, read on as I open a brand new box of adventure and thrills in Goa.


1. Crocodile boat trip

Take a boat trip to see the Mugger Crocodiles, basking in the sun along Goa’s Opa River or the backwaters of Cumbarjua , which connects the Mandovi and the Zuari, two of Goa’s largest rivers.


2. Venture below sea level for a coral walk

Want to take a stroll on the Arabian sea bed? Baina beach, Vasco provides the opportunity to try this out. You don’t even need to know how to swim to enjoy this particular adventure activity, just be willing to get wet. Walking along the sea-walk platform, you’ll spot corals, marine plants and fish within an arm’s length. The experience isn’t as much about what’s around as the feeling of the solid sea bed under your feet as you’re surrounded by water ten feet below sea level.


3. Follow these steps to lose yourself

Travel across the river by ferry to Chorao island from Ribandar road. Conveniently, there’s one every 15 minutes. This island is well known for the Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuary as well as its quaint white-washed village churches and old Portuguese houses. But the real joy for a biker is in the sense of discovery you’ll have within this untouched paradise. Surround yourself with the lush greenery of verdant fields and overhanging trees as you take roads that meander and dip. The small island does give you a sense of being lost once you set off down its roads but eventually you’ll spot someone who will be more than willing to help with directions. Ride across the island to the jetty that has the ferry to Divar island and from there, you can head back to the mainland via Old Goa. This is also a great cycle route for adventurous cyclists with stamina.


4. Kite surfing at Morjim

An extreme sport that requires some training beforehand, if you haven’t tried it before. From October to May, there are beginner’s courses as well as certified courses conducted at Morjim beach (subject to wind conditions of course). Ideal for adventure junkies that love to get wet!


5. Sticky buns

Fresh, warm sticky buns lightly dusted with cinnamon from Ruta’s World Cafe in Mapusa is on my list because they’re dangerously addictive to anyone with a sweet tooth! Ruta’s also serves up Asian and Indian food, and you’ll get a broad variety of egg breakfasts, burgers, pastas, and local Goan offerings amongst a wide selection of other freshly baked goods. The cafe is tucked away next to Fabindia in Mapusa, making it a convenient spot to indulge in a snack after a bit of shopping.

by Yash Bhatia

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