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Explorers choice – An Indian Homestays


Yash Bhatia

09 Sep

When we travel, we ask ourselves …what are we venturing out to find?

A deeper meaning to life other than the usual rat race? A calm setting to gather your thoughts, to breathe a new life beyond the old ways? To learn a new culture and gain perspective from others around us? Or is it to walk on a path not known to many, an exciting adventure that enriches you by the knowledge you gain, the people you have exchanges with, the food they like to eat, how their day pans out, away from all the city noise. And finally find the answer to why do they live outside the city.

An Indian homestays mixed with its scenic beauty and cultural offerings is the key to achieve this.


There’s a famous saying in India, “Athithi Devo Bhava” , which means “the Guest is God”. Indians consider it a huge honour to have guests in their home and go out of their way to please them and share their local culture, that is why they say there’s nothing like Indian hospitality. Most tourists who come to India and stay in hotels never get to experience true Indian hospitality. The good thing is that all this is changing as a result of the growing popularity of homestays in India. Nowadays, most homestays provide their guests with just as
much comfort as a well-furnished reputable hotel.



India is extremely rich with its heritage, cultural background, historical background, which are among the reasons that attract travellers. During your trips to India, you could choose to stay in a homestay and experience India’s diverse nature, unlike any other country in the world. To know and experience the true meaning of the ethnicity and culture of India, one has to stay close to nature and a homestay is the best option for this.

There are a number of other reasons as well why staying at a homestay can be preferable to staying in a hotel.

Hill stations for example have boomed with their numbers on second homeowners. Second homeowners serve as brilliant guides that give travelers a natural vibe of being around a place.

Deciding what to see and do becomes effortless due to the wealth of information that the hosts have about their local area which is extremely helpful in getting the most from your visit. Most hosts are delighted to show their guests around their local area, providing them with invaluable insights that simply aren’t available from a guide book. Though there would be travel guides available at some of the luxury hotels in India, to know more of your surroundings and some interesting places that you could access while at the location, a homestay would be the best choice. Places like Goa and Lonavala would have many such locations to explore. Therefore, staying at a homestay would be good idea.

At a homestay, you are the centre of the host’s focus, your likes and your preferences are on high priority. The hosts are usually very accommodating and will put a great deal of effort into arranging activities that are of interest to you. Homestays are managed by locals or people who have migrated from other places and settled in a tourist spot as caretakers. Thus, they would be more in sync with the nature surrounding the home and would be better guides to suggest the unique activities you can engage in while your stay, depending on the location. Discovering a coffee plantation in Coorg, attending a polo match in Rajasthan, trekking with herds of animals in remote northern India, village visits, picnics, and temple tours are just some of the options. Staying at a homestay in India is all about immersing yourself in India, rather skimming over it on the tourist trail.

by Yash Bhatia


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