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Homestays Vs Hotels


Mohit Gupta

25 Sep

For people all over the world, a holiday is arguably the most sought after escape one seeks when wishing to break the monotony of their life. Naturally, an essential prerequisite for a successful vacation is to find accommodation that fits the comfort and style of living of the traveler. So when it comes to choosing between spending your holiday at a homestay or a hotel, in light of recent trends, the former has rightfully earned a lot of popularity.



Homestays are properties owned by locals, which are available for tourists to come and live at for the duration of their visit for a nominal stipend. Apart from the fact that they provide the travelers the comfort of dwelling in a homely environment, homestays have several other perks that go missing in the case of hotels.

For the ones travelling on a budget, a homestay is the wiser option for obvious reasons. Moreover, living within a locally influenced environment, the tourist gains firsthand guidance from caretakers or hosts on exploring local destinations.

The hosts are usually locals or people who have migrated from other places and settled in a tourist spot to offer the best to traveller. Thus, one’s likes and dislikes are specifically taken into account.

More often than not, travel destinations have unique activities or spots, which only the locals would be aware of. This information helps tourists experience the culture of the land in its purest form. 

The biggest advantage at a homestay, for ones with an attachment for traditional delicacies and home cooked food, is the option of meals prepared specially by the local cooks on hire, which leave the traveller with a sense of belonging, even when he is a thousand miles away. 

The luxuries of a lush hotel room have a thrill of their own, but there is no match to the feeling of having found a home away from home. 


Mohit Gupta


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