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Travelling with Tots


Mohit Gupta

25 Nov

The reality of travelling with children isn’t always pretty, but keep these pointers in mind and your holidays will feature fewer tantrums and more tranquillity. Read more on our blog for a quick intro to surviving your spawn!

Travelling With Tots 101: A Quick Guide

Dewy mountain tops cut through the rolling mist, the air has never felt fresher, and for the moment, you forget about absolutely everything around you…

Until your shrieking spawn cranks up the volume and rather masterfully destroys the peace. And that, friends, can quite often be the reality of traveling with children, but don’t worry – just keep a few tips and tricks in mind and your family getaways will be smooth sailing!

  • The venue itself is key. Make sure your destination is child-friendly, depending on how old yours are – quite frankly, there’s no sense in taking younger ones to places full of museums, history and culture. One, because a lot of the concepts these visits entail are still abstract to them, and two, because they will almost certainly stop paying attention, so save it for when they’re older – they’ll appreciate it even more than you think! Opt instead for holidays that involve pools, gentle hikes, and the outdoors. Easily accessible locations are perfect, and always check the distance to the nearest medical attention beforehand.


  • Once that’s decided, start preparing your child for the trip. Kids don’t always like change, so it can be helpful to begin talking to them about it in advance. Work the holiday into conversations, pointing out things they can get excited about; introduce them to the place and build enthusiasm about going somewhere new. It’s also a good time to gently lay down what they should expect in terms of timings, food, and the like – and in return, the behaviour you expect from them. In other words, make them adaptable.


  • Prepare them for the actual, physical journey – how you’ll be traveling, and roughly how long it’s going to take. Time may not yet be concrete in their minds though, so make sure to carry ways to keep them occupied and full!

  • Which brings us to our next point: snacks. Always, always be prepared with lots of water, fluids, and for the resultant bathroom breaks. Carry snacks that are easy to transport, convenient to eat, and will keep them energized for a while – fruit, granola bars, and nutritious crackers are all great options.


  • Of course, snacks once ingested have a real knack for coming back up when traveling with kids. Prepare for travel sickness, especially if you’re journeying by road – paper bags, tissues, wet wipes, extra water and a change of clothes can be lifesavers for the entire contingent!


  • Bonus point: keep in mind that kids can tire easily. Once you’ve arrived, expect a little crankiness and allow them some downtime before beginning your adventures. And remember – travel-size games, a favourite toy or two, and a pack of cards can go a long way in keeping them occupied.


Travel is perhaps the best learning you can offer kids outside of the classroom (often even better), and there’s something incomparable about seeing the world through their eyes with the kind of wonder only a child could muster.

Still, never forget to carry the snacks.

Mohit Gupta


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